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ONLY $50USD deposit to get started!
Course total: $300USD ($398CDN)

Ryan Grainger Master School of Bartending Testimonial

Ryan Grainger

I just got my certificate from bartending.com, I am now working at Buonanotte. This school is great, you guys definitely helped me get this job.

Andre Peroir Master School of Bartending Testimonial

Andre Peroir

The Omni Hotel reccomended I get certified at MSB before being hired. I am now sucessfully working at the Omni Hotel!

Vlad Montreal Master School of Bartending Testimonial

Vlad Montreal

I just finished my class at bartending.com right after I got a job at Le Milsa as a bartender! Thats pretty cool..


Access To A Live Master Bar Chef, international premier teaching, training and private (one on one) Bar Chef Consulting.

MASTER BAR COURSE: designed by Master Bar Chefs with more than 150 years of experience in the industry. A to Z of bar etiquette, equipment, alcohols, preparation and service.

SHOOTERS AND COCKTAILS: shooter building and service techniques of the most popular shooters, cocktails and café flambés. Professional service techniques of beers, liquors, wines and champagnes.
POCKET SIZED BOOK: Master’s Guide Cocktails and Shooter’s – Absolut Edition.

FUTURE VIP ACCESS: Future Live Updates to any of our packages, no annual enrollment.

CERTIFICATE: by The Master School of Bartending- MSB , bartending.com.

GETTING HIRED: Resume and Job Search Strategies.

SUPPORT: live 7 days a week.

Bartending Certificate from Master School of Bartending



Thousands of Happy Students

Job Opportunities For Graduates


The drinking age varies depending on each country and within each country depending on each state or province, remember these are courses for educational professional purposes.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

The course is available day , evenings and weekends. The duration is conveniently concentrated. The duration of the MSB Master Bar packages is 30 hours.

After you successfully complete the final exam, you will receive the Master Certified MSB certificate of completion as well as your attestation card via secure digital copy.

To put it plain and simple we want everyone at MSB to succeed!

The Master School of bartending was founded in 1981, we are proud to be the premiere bartender, flairtender and 5 star table service school throughout Canada.

We have successfully placed our graduates in the finest restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs and cruiseships around.

Get Master certified at the prestigious BARTEND UNIVERSITY- MSB, LIVE bartending.com Master Bartend.

Courses offered by the Master School of bartending are recognized by Employment Quebec.

Many employers require that new bartenders and table servers be graduates of The Master School of bartending.

NO high prices, burden full agendas, travelling,

Set your goals and meet them ON YOUR OWN TIME, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

OUR GOAL is to make sure YOU succeed.



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Tips on how to work in a bar

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