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Bartending Course Qualifications

Bartending is a way of life, a career or might even be a hobby. Students take the MSB bartending course for several reasons, most to get gainfully employed, some part time and most full-time. Some follow our course turn enhance their cultural knowledge, meet new friends, enjoy the nightlife or […]

Bartending Classes Are Fun

Bartending is a fun art. The proper way to learn to bartend is by following a bartending course and learning with professional bar chefs. The art can be practiced professionally anywhere in the world, as all drinks and standards are international. Even the names of the drinks are internationally standard, […]

Bartending Course Duration

A professional bartending course should take no less than 30 hours. At the Master School of Bartending – MSB, courses are 30 hours. The most important aspect to understand, is that this is 30 hours of LIVE supervised and commented online training. It is imperative that the student practice at […]

How Much Should You Tip Your Bartender?

Tipping culture is similar anywhere in Canada and the United States. While not required, it is generally expected, and failure to tip is often considered rude and/or poor treatment of hospitality staff. While actual rates/amounts vary depending on specifics – quality of service, type of environment, etc – a good […]

Job Opportunities

A 30-hour bartending course opens the door to many job opportunities. The methods used in class mimic that of the professional hospitality industry and taking the course is equivalent to do a six-month internship at Club Med. Over a hundred of cocktail recipes are taught during the course. Not only […]

Bartending Tips/Income

Being a bartender can be a very good job with a great income. You can earn an average of $49,000 per year. A bartender may be promoted or take other jobs in a restaurant with higher salaries. A Sommelier is someone who helps pair wine with food; and can make […]