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Bartending Classes Are Fun

Tips on how to work in a bar

Bartending is a fun art. The proper way to learn to bartend is by following a bartending course and learning with professional bar chefs. The art can be practiced professionally anywhere in the world, as all drinks and standards are international. Even the names of the drinks are internationally standard, a Bloody Mary in London, England is called a Bloody Mary in Paris, France. The ideal barchef instructor is one that has traveled and worked abroad and worked in different types of bars within the hospitality industry bars. Such as casinos, private clubs , nightclubs, restaurants and cruiseships. Every one of these bars have a unique client base and professional talent requirements vary within the establishments. Bartending is an ideal career for part time job and for someone that wants to enjoy their life. If you are a “social” person that is young at heart and mind bartending is the ideal way of making friends, meeting new people, nurturing existing friendships – a truly fun job.

You’re basically working in an environment that allows you to be social, enjoying and sharing a smile. Whether you work in a bar, a restaurant, a nightclub your interaction with clients will be totally different. Since, when working in a restaurant you are mainly going to be preparing drinks for the waiters that are giving you the orders, unless there is a stool bar in the restaurant and they’re also serving clients. When working in a bar of a nightclub you are going to be preparing drinks for the direct customer. In a nightclub there are usually several bartenders per bar so there requires talent to ascert that every customer at the bar is being served. There’s obviously not much talking in a nightclub, it’s mostly taking the order directly from the customer, then preparing the drink, followed by serving and finally closing them out or opening a tab. So very little time to be chatting, it’s a totally different environment, still fun but way less social on a busy evening. Obviously, on slow nights in nightclubs and restaurants, clubs like private clubs you will definitely striking conversations. All in all, indeed one of the most fun jobs.

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