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Bartending Course Duration


A professional bartending course should take no less than 30 hours. At the Master School of Bartending – MSB, courses are 30 hours. The most important aspect to understand, is that this is 30 hours of LIVE supervised and commented online training. It is imperative that the student practice at their own bar, house or office to attain the confidence to work behind a bar.

At the Master School of Bartending – MSB you will learn the proper standard to become a professional bartender. Some students will require many more hours of practice of supervised rehearsing to reach a level of confidence to be able to get gainfully employed in the industry

MSB was founded in 1981, through the 39 years we have developed the perfect standard and condensed the complete curriculum so that the student is taught the professional etiquette, theory and methods so that they may practice and thereupon get reviewed on their abilities. The MSB professional curriculum is second to none on a worldwide scale.

Our course has been developed with a team of more than 250 years of collectively professional experience in the international hospitality industry.

To conclude, it is important to recognize that in a condensed 30-hour course it is not the length of the course that is material, it is the structure of the curriculum and the abilities of our premiere Bar Chefs to flow with the set MSB curriculum. The MSB curriculum is continually amended so that our graduates are only taught what is most current and actual in the industry. The etiquette, theory and recipes that will be in most demand in the coming years is our primary focus.

We are indeed looking forward and excited to evaluating your progress following the MSB methods during the course duration and with ultimate sole aim to attaining the required level of confidence to getting you gainfully employed.

The Master School of Bartending- MSB, since 1981


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