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Bartending Course Qualifications

Tips on how to work in a bar

Bartending is a way of life, a career or might even be a hobby. Students take the MSB bartending course for several reasons, most to get gainfully employed, some part time and most full-time. Some follow our course turn enhance their cultural knowledge, meet new friends, enjoy the nightlife or simply impress their friends and family. Bartending has been a prestigious art in the cultural world for centuries.

To qualify to work in bartend industry, you must be of age to serve alcohol and that will depend on the province or the state that you reside in. To qualify with age to follow one of our courses there are no age restrictions, as long as you don’t handle or drink the alcohol. We have many students that have taken the MSB bartending course with no experience in the industry, as well we have had many students follow the course that had exhaustive experience in the industry and simply wanted to refine their art and etiquette of proper bartending.

To qualify to follow one of our courses is very simple compared to the qualification needed to work in the industry as a professional bartender. To qualify as a professional bartender the most important aspect is a level of confidence. When we talk about level of confidence, we obviously refer the level of knowledge of etiquette, cultural awareness, preparation and service of classic and exotic cocktails, classic shooters, wines aperitifs, digestifs, champagnes, coffee’s and flambés.

At the easy to qualify premiere Master School of Bartending – MSB we are looking forward to getting you qualified as a professional bartender, so you can be well on your way to getting gainfully employed in the bartending industry.

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