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How to become a Bartender

Become a Bartender

Bartending is one of the most fascinating jobs among all categories and its inherent appeal attracts a lot of youth in this profession. The colourful light, the smell of wine, the atmosphere, and the charm is enough to seduce anyone to be a bartender. People in the bar always look forward to the bartender to get something special on that day. It is the bartender, who using all his expertise and technique draws people again and again in the same pub years after year. In short, bartending is a prestigious job and a bartender is equally a respectable person in his own field. 

Technically speaking, a bartender is a person who prepares and serves alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages at a pub or bar. It is the bartender who improvises variety of drinks by his experiments and experience & those are presented to the people at bar to be applauded. In this way, in some bars, some bartenders are famous for their offerings and people rarely go elsewhere for those preparations, similar to the head cook in a restaurant. 

In earlier times, obviously, there was no such qualification needed to be a bartender, some came out of interest, some by following the footsteps of his closed ones. This used to happen for quite some time. Only when the people are being trained in hotel management, where they were taught the difference between wine & whiskey, where they came to know about tequila, these people after graduating from their institution, used to work as bartender in small and medium level pubs. In fact these are the platforms for those young bartenders to excel and to create their own identity & signature, so the, in future, they can move to some big brands. There are some special bartending schools that used to make ready a person for this elusive job within a short period of time and there they can practice various blends & mixes in order to have the right & correct flavour. 

In that process, those bartenders should possess certain qualities that can drag them towards excellence, resulting a bright career ahead. First of all, he or she should be a very good human being. As bartenders have to mix with people, so pleasing personality and presence of mind is very much needed in them. People must love him and due to him, they have to visit the pub again. Secondly, a bartender should have a vivid knowledge on various types of liquors, must be very sound in cocktail as well as in mocktail preparation apart from giving any kind of suggestion. It is the bartender whom people will ask what to have, white wine or red wine with a roasted lamb and so. A good memory is also another aspect the bartender should possess so that he can remember which people loves what type of preparation, may not be for all person, but for at least those who are the frequent visitors in that pub. It not only increases the popularity of the bartender, but the business also goes steady due to his presence. Other features those are also very much needed are adaptability as per situation, able to work normally in some pressure situations by not losing temper and cool, presentable and most importantly, a bartender should be a team man as he is not alone in the pub. Several other ones are also there so, until and unless he mixes with his team, neither he will be popular nor he will flourish. 

Salary is not the bar for the right candidate and this particular profession does not even have the gender discrimination, means both gents and ladies can work as bartenders and in fact, as per study, there are certain regions where female bartender is more than their male counterpart. Similarly, age is not a deciding factor in this profession, but experience always matters. It counts when someone is looking for a seven or five star restaurant cum bar where one will be asked what he did in the last couple of years. Like any other profession, here also, there are certain advantages and disadvantages. Truly, it is one of the hardest jobs in this field, but, once you are settled in that, there is no looking back. Salary is not an issue then, your name & fame will always be the use of that pub. 

As a bartender, he should know the bartending techniques, bar glassware, cocktail / mocktail garnishing, bartending equipment, people choice regarding alcohol and non-alcohol. Apart from that, a good bartender should know all types of drinks, like vodka, gin, rum, and scotch, whiskey in the alcohol category and juice, soft drinks, tea flavours etc. in the non-alcohol segment. 

So, there are various ways one can be engaged as a bartender and if he carries same determination, dedication and discipline in this trade, then a bright career is awaiting for him. 

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