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Job Opportunities


A 30-hour bartending course opens the door to many job opportunities. The methods used in class mimic that of the professional hospitality industry and taking the course is equivalent to do a six-month internship at Club Med. Over a hundred of cocktail recipes are taught during the course. Not only will you learn how to mix basic cocktails as martinis and cosmopolitans but also everything from cafés flambés, exotics cocktails and shooters.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a diploma and a certification card that are accredited by the Ministry of Employment and Solidarité Emploi Québec. These will allow you to apply in diverse establishments that serve alcohol as bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Still haven’t found something by yourself? A job referral might be the solution. All of our students have access to a personalized placement service for just a few more dollars. This might be your chance to work in places you never even dream of, on a cruise to an exotic island for example, or in the trendiest new hot spots that are looking for staff.

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