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What Is Necessary To Take The Course?


The wonderful thing about taking a bartending course is that anyone can join. There is no pre-requisite, you just need to be 18 or older since real alcohol is used and can be tasted. 18 is also (l’âge légal) to work in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol in Montreal.

The course is not only for passionate people that just want to extend their knowledge but also for beginners that really want to pursue a professional bartender career. The “international aspect” of the course allows graduates to work overseas, for Club Med, on cruises, etc. It appeals people from all over the world as it is becoming more and more common to see students from France, United Kingdom and even Japan taking the course.

With just a pen in hand, you are now ready to take the course. A booklet will be handed to you on the first day of class and shaker kits are available throughout the practical part of the course for you to mix cocktails yourself. Varieties of bar equipment, glassware and The Master’s Guide can be bought on site at our boutique and online on www.barproducts.com

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